Minyaa Suite Overview

Kaamelot Plugin is not supported anymore. It is now replaced by Minyaa Suite.

It is a set of plugins around Time-tracking and Worklogs Management for Atlassian JIRA Software.

Main modules are ...

Getting Started

Looking for Minyaa's download page? It's installation procedure? See how to get started with Minyaa!

Time Management

Minyaa Time provides features around Time like

  • The ability to apply Type to entered Worklog
  • The delegation of Log Work
  • The ability to Log Work on Workflow Transition
  • Log Work Portlets on Dashboard
  • Extended Work Log Permissions
  • Enhanced Worklog Reports
  • Concept of Workers

Workflows Management

Minyaa Workflows provides features based on Workflows like
  • Enhanced Issues Validation capacities
  • Permission on some Actions (Edit Issue, Delete Issue, Edit Worklogs) controlled depending on Workflow
  • The ability to progress Workflow from a Customfield
  • A Statistic Transition Report
  • An enhanced Auto-Transition Management
  • Some Workflow Functions

Issue Spreading Management

Minyaa Spread provides features around Issue Spreading
  • Linked Issue Creation
  • Others features are in preparation ...

Projects Management

Minyaa Projects provides features to enhance the Project Management
  • User Management in Project View
  • Others features are in preparation ...

Core and Tools features

Minyaa Core provides basis features, most of them are required by others Minyaa Suite's modules.
  • Installation Management
  • Settings Management
  • License Management
  • Upgrade Management
  • Custom Permissions
  • Roll Over Backup
  • Fragment Portlet
  • Jelly Tags
Minyaa Tools provides basis features like
  • A Notifiable Update mechanism
  • An Issue Export Service
  • An Issue Import Service
  • A RegExp based Customfield
  • A User of Groups Picker
  • Some new Jelly Tags
  • A new way Notification Type Extension
  • A mechanism for External Entities Integration