User Picker By Roles Custom Field

What is it?

This custom field is a User Picker allowing you to restrict user depending on their role.

Configure a User Picker By Roles Custom Field

To configure a User Picker By Roles CustomField, process as follow :

  1. Add a new User Picker By Roles CustomField


  2. Specify its name and its description, select the Search Template to use


    If no description is entered, then a default description is applied:

    User selected from a list of users having one of these roles : [Role 1, Role 2, ...]

  3. Click the Configure link:


  4. Click the Edit Default Value link:


  5. In the Set Custom Field Defaults page, you have to define:

    • a default user that is part of your specified roles (optional)

      Note that, during the configuration, not control is performed for the default user against selected roles, since the control is Project dependent.
    • a list of roles for which user have to be granted.


  6. You are now ready to use the User Picker By Roles CustomField in your screens

Using the User Picker By Roles Custom Field

It provides same features as the default User Picker :
  • A PopUp Window to pick one of matching user ...


  • Ajax Search capacities ...


  • Usable in Transition Screens ...


  • Validation against settings ...


  • Linkified display ...


  • Usable for User Notification Scheme ...

Note that this custom field provides User Picker features, but has no inheritance from Default User Picker, and it is why ...
  • It can not be used for Permission Scheme