Upgrade Tasks for Minyaa 1.4

For previous release see Upgrade to Minyaa 1.3

You do not have to perform these tasks manually, Minyaa does it for you.

Time Upgrade Task 003

  • Class Name :com.minyaa.upgrade.tasks.MinyaaTimeUpgradeTask_003
  • Objectives :Update of Minyaa's Portlets MYAA-182
  • Executed by UpgradeManager:Yes
  • Is repeatable:Yes
  • Usage is :

    <JiraJelly xmlns:minyaa="jelly:com.atlassian.jira.jelly.MinyaaTagLib">
    	<minyaa:Upgrade upgradeClass="com.minyaa.upgrade.tasks.MinyaaTimeUpgradeTask_003"/>

File Update and Modification

This release brings some new changes in JIRA files ! Follow the Minyaa Upgrades requiring uninstallation!