Upgrade Tasks for Minyaa 2.4.3

For previous release see Upgrade to Minyaa 2.4.2

This release does not provide special Upgrade Task.

Upgrade Procedure from previous Minyaa release

With this release, Minyaa intiates some changes in the architecture of its I18n Resources Properties.

Until Minyaa 2.4.2, the i18n Resources were stored in only one JAR

  • jira-plugin-minyaa-i18n-X.Y.Z-2.4.x.jar (7 Languages)
Now with Minyaa 2.4.3, thera are 1 JAR per language.
  • jira-plugin-minyaa-i18n-default-X.Y.Z-2.4.jar (English)
  • jira-plugin-minyaa-i18n-de_DE-X.Y.Z-2.4.jar (German)
  • jira-plugin-minyaa-i18n-en_US-X.Y.Z-2.4.jar (English)
  • jira-plugin-minyaa-i18n-fr_FR-X.Y.Z-2.4.jar (French)
  • jira-plugin-minyaa-i18n-pl_PL-X.Y.Z-2.4.jar (Polish)
  • jira-plugin-minyaa-i18n-ru_RU-X.Y.Z-2.4.jar (Russian)
  • jira-plugin-minyaa-i18n-tr_TR-X.Y.Z-2.4.jar (Turkish)
  • jira-plugin-minyaa-i18n-uk_UA-X.Y.Z-2.4.jar (Ukranian)

Any contribution is welcomed !