Minyaa Suite Overview

Kaamelot Plugin is no more supported. It is now replaced by Minyaa Suite.

It is a set of plugins around Time-tracking and Worklogs Management for Atlassian JIRA Software.

Main modules are ...

Time Management

Minyaa Time provides features around Time like

  • The ability to apply Type to entered Worklog
  • The delegation of Log Work
  • The ability to Log Work on Workflow Transition
  • Log Work Portlets on Dashboard
  • Extended Work Log Permissions
  • Enhanced Worklog Reports
  • Concept of Workers

Workflows Management

Minyaa Workflows provides features based on Workflows like
  • Enhanced Issues Validation capacities
  • Permission on some Actions (Edit Issue, Delete Issue, Edit Worklogs) controlled depending on Workflow
  • The ability to progress Workflow from a Customfield
  • A Statistic Transition Report
  • An enhanced Auto-Transition Management
  • Some Workflow Functions

Issue Spreading Management

Minyaa Spread provides features around Issue Spreading
  • Linked Issue Creation
  • Others features are in preparation ...

Projects Management

Minyaa Projects provides features to enhance the Project Management
  • User Management in Project View
  • Others features are in preparation ...

Core and Tools features

Minyaa Core provides basis features, most of them are required by others Minyaa Suite's modules.
  • Installation Management
  • Settings Management
  • License Management
  • Upgrade Management
  • Custom Permissions
  • Roll Over Backup
  • Fragment Portlet
  • Jelly Tags
Minyaa Tools provides basis features like
  • A Notifiable Update mechanism
  • An Issue Export Service
  • An Issue Import Service
  • A RegExp based Customfield
  • A User of Groups Picker
  • Some new Jelly Tags
  • A new way Notification Type Extension
  • A mechanism for External Entities Integration