Minyaa Core Plugin

Minyaa Core provides some basis features like ...

Installation Management

The Installation Management gives the ability to JIRA Plugins to install in JIRA folders any modifications, needed to be functional. Minyaa Suite needs for some of its features such modifications.

Settings Management

The Settings Management provides to JIRA Plugins a way to manage theirs parameters, offering dedicated page to view and edit them.

License Management

The License Management offers a Administration Pages for Licenses installation. Any JIRA Plugins is able to implement its own LicenseManager and also give ability to its users a way install its License.

Upgrade Management

The Upgrade Management provides an engine able to process Upgrade Tasks. This feature is inspired from the default JIRA UpgradeManager.

Custom Permissions

Minyaa Core extends different JIRA components around permissions, in order to introduce the concept of Custom Permissions. In this first implementation, only Minyaa Suite's Permissions are added, but next releases should provide a way for any JIRA Plugin, to introduce its own permissions.

Roll Over Backup

The Roll Over Backup is a simple variant of default JIRA XML Backup.

Fragment Portlet

The Fragment Portlet provides shortcuts to your preferred Reports, with predefined parameters.

Jelly Tags

Minyaa Core appends also a set of new Jelly Tags ...

External Entities Integration

If you need to integrate Data in your JIRA Database (like any type of repository), Minyaa Tools provides a way to manage this External Entities.

Road Map

You may know what is the Minyaa Core's RoadMap at ...