Worklog Reports

Minyaa Suite provides reports all based on the same agregation mechanism.

They differ by the nature of data displayed or the way how they are retrieved.

Different views are predefined :

  • hierarchicView : Providing a Hierarchical display of aggregated data with expand and collapse features.
  • flatView : Providing a classical display.
  • excelView : Similar as flatView but without graphical rendering, used to export to Excel (undecorated HTML file).

Flat Views and SubTask

Using Flat Views, the reports may display Issues with Sub-Tasks.

In such cases, the default behavior of the Flat View is to display the values associated to leaf of the agregation tree, assuming that each parent node is just a calculation of leaf's values.

But, the both (Issues and Sub-Tasks) are able to have logged Work, and then the value displayed in Flat View is only the Sub-Task's Spent Time.

To avoid to display only the Sub-Task's Spent Time and be able to see Issue's Spent Time, a new parameter has been introduced in Reports : the Flattened Level (let me know if you find a best term !).

The Flattened Level expressed the depth of node to flat when displaying the Flat View.

Defaultly, all nodes are flattened. For example, if your report provides an agregation based on :
  • Category
  • Project
  • Issue
and the display Issues have sub-task, you will be able to force the view to flat node only on the 3 first nodes.

Hopping that this explanation is comprehensive.

Reports displaying Spent Time against Estimates

Reports Workload Project displaying Spent Time against Estimates.

  • WorkloadProject Workload Report (Project) : Calculations are done, taking in account the spent Time of all project's issue, not only the identified one.
  • WorkloadOnPeriod Workload Report on Period : Same as WorkloadProject, but taking in account only the spent Time of identified issues.
  • WorkloadIssueReport Workload Report (Issue) : Same as WorkloadOnPeriod, but criteria may be selected one by one.
In theses reports, the information displayed are the following :

  • Time Spent : Sum of entries of Users on the specified period
  • Cumulated :Sum of all entries of Users on all issues
  • Estimated :Sum of all Initialy Estimated Time for Issue concerned by the period (WorkloadIssueReport) or all issues (WorkloadProject)
  • Remaining Time :Sum of Remaining Estimated Time (entered or deduced)
  • Required Time :Cumulated + Remaining Time
  • Gap :Estimated - Planned

Reports displaying Spent Time against Estimates

Report Workload IssueType displaying Spent Time by Issue Types.

  • workload-IssueType Workload Report (Issue Type) :

Reports displaying Spent Time against Estimates

Report Workload WorklogType displaying Spent Time, Estimate expressed in percent (Graphical or not).

  • workload-WorklogType Workload Report (Worklog Type) :