Workflow Attributes Management


Minyaa Workflow Attributes helps you for editing the Workflow Meta-attributes in Step or Transition descriptors.

Meta-attributes are a way to apply some configuration in JIRA. By example, jira.issue.editable allows or denies Issue edition.

But in practice, the exercice is no so easy :

  • You have to know which attribute are available, using the correct syntax ... (jira.issue.editable or jira.editable.issue) or spent some (more) time on JIRA documentation of JIRA or in any other useful blog/forum of JIRA Community...
  • You have to enter the try correct value, respecting the wanted format

Goal of Workflow Attributes Management

The goal is twice :
  • to provide a list of supported Meta-Attributes,
  • to provide for edition, a dedicated editor for most of type of supported Meta-Attributes.
A set of supported Meta-Attributes is predefined with the plugin, each with their default editor. The process as follow for adding a Meta-Attributes is as follow ...
  1. When accessing the Step or Transition Meta-Attributes page, an asynchronous access will modify the default editor and provide a list of available Meta-Attributes.

    List of Meta-Attributes
  2. When selecting any Meta-Attributes, the correct editor is displayed. Currently provided editors are :

    • String editor (same as default one)
    • Boolean editor
    • Condition Editor (including Boolean) for some Meta-Attributes provided by Minyaa, related to permissions on issue operations
    • User By Step Editor
    • Worklog Type Editor
    See here.

  3. Select/Edit the value and add it! Less risk to make a typo error in the Meta-Attributes
    or define your own Meta-Attribute Editor