Minyaa's Installation using a self-built WAR file

What is it?

It is the procedure to follow when you need to built a WAR file or an EAR to deploy on your J2EE Server.

Since Minyaa requires to perform modifications in your settings, it requires to be deployed on J2EE Server where the WAR is unpacked!

Be aware that some J2EE Server like JBoss or Weblogic do not unpack the deployed WAR by default.

Minyaa Installation

Prepare WAR/EAR JIRA distribution :
Configure you JIRA so that it will be able to start :
Note that you can evaluate Minyaa with HSQLDB. But if you do, some features will not be available
Follow Step 2 and 3 in Minyaa's Installation in 5 Steps, but using edit-webapp/WEB-INF/lib instead of atlassian-jira/WEB-INF/lib.
Build your JIRA WAR or EAR.
Deploy the WAR or EAR to your J2EE Server, and start JIRA.
Follow Step 4 and 5 in Minyaa's Installation in 5 Steps