Workflow Designer Components

Design better Workflows

  • Easier way to create a Workflow :
    - with a Graphical Editor (Minyaa 3.x only)
    - with a Enhanced Workflow Editor (Minyaa 4.x only)
  • Allows you to define Common, Global transitions and more ...
(See details for 3.x or 4.x )

Many Workflows Functions

  • Additional security conditions able to :
    1. evaluate Issue Roles
    2. evaluate Issue context
    3. reserve transitions to special tasks
(See details for 3.x or 4.x )
  • Additional validators
    1. on Comment when specifying a Resoltion
    2. on count of selected versions
    3. ...
(See details for 3.x or 4.x )
  • Additional post-functions allowing :
    1. Field Inheritance or Propagation
    2. Auto-Transition Management
    3. more ...
(See details for 3.x )

Define automatic transition in your workflow

  • Configure your workflow to allow Automatic Transitions when issues meet specified conditions (e.g. time elapsed, worklogs entered, etc.).
  • Implements Automatic Actions
  • or Remote Transitions

Manage permissions at JIRA's Workflow or Workflow Step level

  • Allow or deny the Issue creation, edition, or deletion depending on a status.
  • Define/Limit the scope of allowed users depending on the Workflow Step.

Perform a transition directly from JIRA's issue navigator

  • Add a custom field to an issue to display allowed transitions.
    (Obsolete since JIRA provides the Action gear)

Get detailed reports on workflows' usage

  • Retrieve all statistics on workflow's transitions in an aggregate view (e.g. elapsed time between transitions, how many times the issue went through the transition, etc.).

Edit easily your Worklow's Meta-Attributes

  • A List of known Meta-Attributes is provided
  • Each with a dedicated Editor
    1. String Editor
    2. Boolean Editor
    3. UserByStep Editor

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