Link Schemes

It is based on a Generic Schemes Management

The Link Scheme provides new settings for Projects.

Link Schemes - Objectives

It allows to define with which other Issue, the current Issue has to be linked.

For identifying this target Issue, this scheme is storing :

  • the possible Outward Links between Issue Types.
  • and also the Search Request to use for filtering issues.

Link Schemes - Definition

A new menu is available in Schemes menu section ... Link Scheme Menu

You can make a copy of an existing one.. View Link Scheme

Or add a new Link Scheme ...

Add Link Scheme

Name and Description of created Schemes are editable ...

Edit Link Scheme

For each Link Scheme, you are able to define ...

  • Outward or Inward Link between Issue Type Link...
  • An Issue Filter (among your favorite filters) used to search candidate issues
Edit Link Scheme

Note that :
  • You can define redundancies. Each combination of selection can not be repeated,
  • If no filter is specified, the Issue filtering is done using the Summary field and restricting the search on target Issue Type and same project as Source Issue,
  • As soon as a filter is defined, there no other criteria than the Filter,
  • List of Issue Type are not restricted by Issue Type Scheme.