Minyaa Reports Schemes

It is based on a Generic Schemes Management. The Reports Scheme provides pre-configured reports for Projects.


Reports Schemes Management allow you to define different set of pre-configured reports, and then, associate each of your projects to one of these schemes.

Managing Reports Scheme

A new menu is available in Schemes menu section ...

Reports Scheme Menu

When accessing the View Reports Scheme screen, the Default Reports Scheme will be not yet available.

View Reports Scheme

From this list of Reports Schemes, you are able to ...

Default Reports Scheme

The Default Reports Scheme is a system Scheme created when you capture you first Report Configuration. As soon as, it is created, it can not be deleted. You will be only able to Edit/Copy/Delete its Report Scheme Entities.

Add and Edit Reports Scheme

Add new Reports Scheme and Edit Reports Scheme are sharing the same screen ...

Add Reports Scheme

... where it possible to define :
  • the Name of the Scheme,
  • and its Description,

Copy a Reports Scheme

When copying a Reports Scheme, all its details (Reports Scheme Entities) are cloned :
  • The Name of Reports Scheme is prefixed with Copy of
  • All Report Scheme Entities are cloned
  • All Report Configurations of each Report Scheme Entity are also cloned

Delete a Reports Scheme

When deleting a Reports Scheme, all its details (Reports Scheme Entities) are also deleted ... If the Scheme is associated to a Project, there is no replacement possible on deletion. The Project has only no more Reports Scheme association !

View Reports Scheme Entities

When accessing the Reports Scheme Entities screen, will be listed all Report Scheme Entities associated to the selected Reports Scheme.

Each Reports Scheme Entity represents a Predefined Report Configuration. For each of listed Reports Scheme Entities, are displayed ...
  • the original Name of the Report as it is defined by the plugin that provide it,
  • a Description, editable, that will be used to name the link to this Report Configration,
In case of the Default Reports Scheme (created during Report Configuration Capture), the description will be valued with the Report Key.

View Reports Scheme

Basic operations are also available ...
  • Add a new Reports Scheme Entity,
  • Edit a Reports Scheme Entity's Description,
  • Copy a Reports Scheme Entity to other Reports Scheme,
  • Delete a Reports Scheme Entity,
  • and Show Details of a Reports Scheme Entity (the Report Configuration) :

    • Key for each of captured parameters
    • Value for each of captured parameters

Add a new Reports Scheme Entity

By adding the selected JIRA Report, a new Reports Scheme Entity will be created with an empty Report Configuration. Add Reports Scheme Entity

Note that ....
  • Configuration Fields are not valued with allowed value (possible enhancement for next releases),
  • and since JIRA 4.2, you are able to capture Report Configurations directly from each JIRA Report.

Copy a Reports Scheme Entity

The ability to Copy is direct way to populate your own Report Schemes with Reports Scheme Entity. See more in section Configuring Report Configurations.

Delete a Reports Scheme Entity

When deleting a Reports Scheme Entity, all its Report Configurations are deleted ...

Edit a Reports Scheme Entity

By editing a Reports Scheme Entity, you are able ...

Create a Reports Scheme Entity

Not yet provided ...