This functionality is based on a Listener, a Manager and a set of JellyTag.

The objective is to maintain an update date reserved to specific fields.

NotifiableUpdate - NotifiableUpdateManager Rule

  • NotifiableUpdateManager has in charge : :
    • The storage of NotifiableFields.
    • The update of Notifiable Custom Date.

The NotifiableFields are standards fields or customfield for which any update requires the update of a dedicated date.

Its provides a way to identify small update against significant updates. NotifiableUpdateManagerImpl, the default implementation of NotifiableUpdateManager assumes a storage of theses fields in the PropertySet tables.

NotifiableUpdate - Jelly Tags AddNotifiableFields Usage

To define these NotifiableFields, two tags are provided.

Usage is :

<JiraJelly xmlns:jira="jelly:com.atlassian.jira.jelly.MinyaaToolsTagLib">
	<jira:AddNotifiableFields project-key="TST" reinit="true">
		<jira:AddNotifiableField name="description" value="true" />
		<jira:AddNotifiableField name="summary" value="true" />
		<jira:AddNotifiableField name="myCustomfield" value="true" />
		<jira:AddNotifiableField name="project.notifiable.customfield" value="NotableUpdateDate" />
	</jira:AddNotifiableFields >

Script above defines 3 fields as notifiable fields. In case of update of the Summary or Description fields or the custom field - identified myCustomfield - the customfield date - identified NotableUpdateDate - has to be updated.

AddNotifiableFields Parameters :

Parameter Description
project-key Key of the concerned Project
reinit Boolean specifying if the listed Notifiable Field are replacing the previous configuration (true), or just extend it (false)

Default value is false

AddNotifiableField Parameters :

Parameter Description
name Field or CutomField name

project.notifiable.customfield is a special key defining the Date Field name to update, when the change occurs
value Set to true if the value's change of the field has to be listened

Or the Date Field name in case of project.notifiable.customfield key.

NotifiableUpdate - NotifiableUpdateIssueEventListener Rule

This listener takes in charge the comparison of Updated Fields against fields defined as Notifiable. If at least of them is updated, then an update of norifiableDate is delegate to the NotifiableUpdateManager.

Usage is :

  • Go to Listeners Administration page,
  • Add the following listener :