Edit Issue Operation

The default Edit Issue Operation is proposed depending on Edit Permission defined in Permission Scheme.

Minyaa provides a new Edit Issue Operation a way to extend the Condition to evaluate.

Steps are :

  • Default Edit Issue Operation is disabled by APIs
  • Evaluation of new condition is delegated to the MinyaaWorkflowManager
    • A new Meta Attribute is evaluated from the Issue's Workflow.
This Meta Attribute may be through a Boolean value :
<meta name="jira.issue.editable">false</meta>
or a Condition Class (See details.)
<meta name="jira.issue.editable">com.company.MyEditableIssueCondition</meta>
This Meta Attribute may be used :
  • At the Workflow Step level
    <step id="1" name="Open">
    	<meta name="jira.status.id">10100</meta>
    	<meta name="jira.issue.editable">com.company.MyEditableIssueCondition</meta>
    		<common-action id="10" />
    		<common-action id="20" />
  • At Edit Action level (See KAAM-190 and KAAM-226), which will be assumed for any Step
    	<action id="2" name="Edit Issue"  >
    		<meta name="minyaa.jira.operation.id">1</meta>
    		<meta name="jira.issue.editable">true</meta>
    		<restrict-to> ...	</restrict-to>
    		<validators> ... </validators>
    		<results> ... </results>
Also, you may define a default Edit Condition at Edit Action level, and just add another condition for some of Steps.

Condition defined at Step level will override those defined at Edit Action level.