Minyaa Workflows Plugin

Minyaa Workflows provides new capacities to JIRA, using powerful of Workflows definitions ...

Issues Validation

It is now possible to define Validations of Create and Edit Issue's actions.

Auto-Transition Management

How may we define an Auto-Transition, JIRA provides Jelly Service ...

Make a try with Minyaa's Auto-Transition Management !

Permission controlled by Workflow

Based on same mechanism as Permissions on Worklog, The workflow may provide more sophisticated permissions for Delete or Edit actions.

Progress Workflow by Customfield

A customfield may offer a new way to progress a workflow's Transition .

Statistic Transition Report

To know which transition occurred on a list of issues ... Run Report the Statistic Transition Report .

Workflow Functions

And to improve the capacities of Workflows, are also needed a set of Workflow Functions .

Road Map

You may know what is the Minyaa Workflows's RoadMap at ...