Minyaa Time Plugin

Minyaa Time introduces new features and concepts around Time Management ...

Worklog Details

How Minyaa has extended Worklog Attributes to provides Worklog Types and Worklog Statuses for Timesheet .

Log Work by Delegation

Minyaa Time allow a Project Leader to log work for one of user authorized to log work on his project.

See details...

Log Work from a Workflow Transition

The combination of new Custom Field Type and specific Workflow Validator give the ability to Log Work on Transition.

Log work from the JIRA Dashboard

Two Portlets are provided to log work from Dashboard.

Extended Work Log Permissions

The permission to log work for an issue is not always resolved by

  • "Yes, I have the Edit/Delete Worklog permission !"
  • "No, I do not have the Edit/Delete Worklog permission"
Minyaa Time extends this permission management. See details ...

Enhanced Worklog Reports

Most of Time Reports provided by JIRA or others plugins are useful, pretty, but not flexible enough as you want !

Then have a lok on Minya Time Worklog Reports.


The concept of Workers has been introduced due to Worklog Portlets.

It will be enhanced in future releases.