Minyaa Uninstallation

How to uninstall Minyaa plugins

Minyaa Suite provides an uninstallation mechanism.

Some steps have to be followed ...

  • Be sure that you do not have anymore Minyaa features used.

    Becareful, Minyaa Suite's features are present in many part of JIRA! You may have used one of them, thinking it was provided by JIRA.

  • Go to Minyaa Suite's License page, and click on Uninstall License or Unregister License.

    Minyaa's unistallation processus will process as follow

    • JIRA will be locked during the procedure. Do not stop JIRA until it is ended !
    • Each plugin module will be deactivated.
    • Each original JIRA file will restored (using the backuped files ... *.myaa).
    • Each added files will be removed.
    • The registered License will removed. (in case of Unregister License)
    • When the uninstallation is done, your are invited to Stop JIRA

  • Stop JIRA,

  • Remove Minyaa JARs files,

  • Remove License Key (if added as file in WEB-INF/lib folder),

  • For Minyaa installations older than release 1.6 :

    Force Tomcat to recompile all JSP, by deleting TomcatFolder/work/Catalina/localhost_/org/apache/jsp.

    See details in MYAA-464 and MYAA-437.

  • Restart JIRA

Why ?

Let us know why you did not decide to continue with Minyaa Suite.
  • Are you waiting for other not-covered requirements in Minyaa Suite (it may be usefull for next releases)

  • Watch future Minyaa Suite's features, they may be interesting for you ...