Minyaa Reports Scheme Entities - Reports Configurations

Each Reports Scheme Entity represents a Report Configuration.

Report Scheme Entities are created by capturing the parameters used directly from the Reports screen.

Capturing Report Configurations

In each Report screen (Result of the action ConfigureReport), Minyaa appends an icon in Top Menu, to allow to Capture the Report's configuration.

Reports Capture Icon

NB: This Icon is available only for allowed users. To be granted to catch Report Configuration, the user must have permission Catch Report Configurations for at least one project.

(Implemented only for JIRA 5.x and over)

Process as follow ...

Generate one of available Reports (See menu in Project's Summary) :
When the report result is displayed and fit with your needs :
  • Click on Capture Icon ...

    Reports Capture Icon

  • The parameters used for the selected report are display in Plain Text...

    Reports Capture Icon

  • Modify the parameters (if needed)

  • an click on Capture button ...
For each captured Report Configuration are saved into the Default Reports Scheme...

Captured Report Configurations

Configuring Report Configurations

Now, a set of Captured Report Configurations is available in the Default Reports Scheme.

It is time to create your own Reports Scheme.

Process as follow ...
Create a new Reports Scheme ...

See Add and Edit Reports Scheme section.
Append Report Configuration to your new Reports Scheme ...

  1. Go to View Reports Scheme Entities page for the Default Report Scheme

  2. For each wanted Captured Report Configuration :

    • Click on Copy

      Copy Report Configurations
    • Select target Report Scheme(s) ... (normally the just your new Reports Scheme)
    • End by clicking on Copy

  3. All copied Report Configurations will be entirely cloned in your Reports Scheme.
Complete your Report Scheme definition

In order to give more sense to your Report Configurations, you will have modify their description (Name is not editable) following the applied parameters...
  • "Worklog for a User U1 for the a Project P1",
  • "Recently Created Issues Report (All Issue on last 30 Days)"
  • ...

Sharing Report Configurations

Now that your Reports Scheme is configured with a set of Report Configurations, you are able to share it by associating the scheme with concerned Projects.
Go to Project Administration page

Associate Reports Scheme
  • Click on Select of the line Report Scheme in Plugin Scheme section
  • Select the wanted Report Scheme to use for this Project ...
Now, a new Menu is available in Summary Project.
But ... all report are generated with the initial context used when the Configuration has been captured

Minyaa Reports allows you to Contextualize your Scheme ...

Contextualizing Report Configurations

To contextualize your reports, Minyaa uses different mechasnism depending on the Parameter Types ...
TypesUsed mechasnims
Date, DatetimeRelative Date Operator implemented for Minyaa Time's' Reports
Project/FilterVelocity templating Project dedicated,
User or any others ...A generic Velocity templating.

Process as follow ...
Go to Edit screen of your Report Scheme Entity (Report Configurations)

Edit Report Configurations
Update Report Configurations's values following each parameter types (where is has sense!) ...

  • In case of Date or Datetime parameter types ...

    Use the Relative Date Operator.

  • In case of Project/Filter parameter types

    Use Velocity Project variables provided. The Contextualizer will heck that prefix project- is respected. See below ...

  • In case of User or Project parameter types

    Use Velocity variables provided. See below ...
Update Report Description in order to match with the contextualized paraemeters ...

  • "My Worklog for the Current Project",
  • "Recently Created Issues Report (Current Project on last 30 Days)"
  • ...

Velocity Context

The Velocity Context will contains ..
KeywordObject or Value
userCurrent logged in User Object
loggedUserNameCurrent User Name
selectedProjectIdCurrent Select Project Id
projectCurrent Select Project Object
localeLocale of logged in User
...Many other provided by the JiraVelocityUtils class.

Content will depend on JIRA Version ... See Atlassian Documentation ... JIRA Velocity Context

Below a capture of Velocity Context for JIRA 4.3.1. To complete ...
KeywordObject or Value