Minyaa Reports - Shared Reports

Predefined Reports defined by Reports Scheme may (will) be available in different screens of JIRA ...

  • In a Reports Project Tab panel of the Project View,
  • In new Gadget, similar as the Fragment Gadget,
  • As a Menu in the Issue View,

Reports Project Tab Panel

A new Project Tab Panel, named Reports, is provided with 2 sections :
  • A 1st section providing the list of all available Project Reports (Similar section as Report section in Summary TabPanel in JIRA 5.2.1).
  • A 2nd section providing the list of all predefined Project Reports ...

    • This list displays all Report Configurations defined in the Report Scheme associated to the current Project.
    • Each Report Configurations is converted into a link to special action able to contextualized parameters, before redirecting the request to the final Report Action.
Reports Project Tab Panel

Gadget Report

Not yet available

Issue View

Not yet available