Release Notes - JIRA Kaamelot Worklog Plugins - Version 3.x.1.34


  • [KAAM-180] - Links in worklog reports do not get updated with change of base url
  • [KAAM-231] - Oups... Condition Date Reached is Inverted
  • [KAAM-237] - Since the UserGroupsPickerBrowser is called, it always presents the members of the same group
  • [KAAM-243] - Upgrade Jelly Tag does throw a new JellyException for catched Exception


  • [KAAM-241] - ATransitionFunction : 2 protected fields passed to private

New Feature

  • [KAAM-188] - Auto Transition Service
  • [KAAM-232] - ARequestAwareService
  • [KAAM-239] - Issue Export Processus Service
  • [KAAM-240] - Statistical Report on Transition for Issue from a SearchRequest
  • [KAAM-242] - Extend Administration Panel in order to allow User Creation
  • [KAAM-244] - Extend Delete Issue Operation in order to combine Delete Permission with Workflow Condition