Release Notes - JIRA Minyaa Suite Plugins - Version 1.2


  • [MYAA-146] - As an administrator, i want administration page to be only accesible by me, and not by other users
  • [MYAA-160] - as an administrator, i want to be able to add an edit and create global action to an existing workflow
  • [MYAA-240] - As JIRA Demonstration license owner, I want to have a Minyaa Demonstration license
  • [MYAA-283] - As administrator, I want that the Global Action linked to Edit Operation is available only during the Issue Edit Validation.
  • [MYAA-303] - As Administrator, I want be able to define a Condition as value of minyaa.jira.issue.deletable step property.
  • [MYAA-305] - As JIRA Administrator, I want have an automatic reinstallation after an automatic uninstallation due to an Installation inconsistency


  • [MYAA-263] - When Workflow modules is not installed, the WorklogType is defaulty required When Workflow modules is installed, the WorklogType is defaulty optional In both cases the WorklogType should be defaulty optional
  • [MYAA-266] - Module Core has a Dependance with the Module Workflow
  • [MYAA-273] - Work log custom field - insert data even if the validator shows that the comment field is mandatory
  • [MYAA-274] - JIRA Build Number is miscontrolled for Item Updater
  • [MYAA-275] - Sub-task list disappears in issue's page when upgrading from kaamelot on 3.13.1 to minyaa on
  • [MYAA-276] - Create And Link feature fail in retrieving Issue for a Project
  • [MYAA-277] - Create And Link feature provides source Issue as possible Target Issue
  • [MYAA-278] - Uninstalling minyaa doesnt restore entityengine.xml.myaa and entitygroup.xml.myaa
  • [MYAA-279] - Group Management Panel fails due to missing JS resources
  • [MYAA-281] - RegExp Customfield is no more validated by Javascript
  • [MYAA-295] - Velocity error when Workload Report (Worklog Type) has Issue without Worklog Type
  • [MYAA-296] - Edit Screen for default com.atlassian.jira.workflow.condition.PermissionCondition allows to select Auto Transition permission but View Screen fails in display. Edit no more available
  • [MYAA-298] - Default PermissionCondition is not able to evaluate Permission added by ExtendedPermissionSchem (Global and Custom Permissions0
  • [MYAA-299] - ExtendedPermission Condition and Validator does not evaluate any more Non Standard Permission
  • [MYAA-300] - In the activity/unactivity conditions, the transition parameter is not taken into account
  • [MYAA-302] - The "propagate affected versions" post-function sometimes propagates fix versions instead