Release Notes - JIRA Minyaa Suite Plugins - Version 1.5


  • [MYAA-185] - Fastworklog portlet doesnt support "Edit own worklog" permission
  • [MYAA-187] - When using a Permission Validator as a validation at issue creation or edition, the error message is not properly shown if the user doesnt have the persmission
  • [MYAA-189] - When adding an auto-transition service, there are errors in the logs
  • [MYAA-211] - Workload Report (Issue) - Agreagtion with Resolution field fails
  • [MYAA-417] - Not able to save Portlet Configuration with IE 8.0
  • [MYAA-435] - Default value for User Group Picker is not used when editing an Issue
  • [MYAA-449] - Access to Create and Link operation does not take in account Link Permission
  • [MYAA-454] - Priority display is inconsistent in Workload Report for Sub-Task
  • [MYAA-459] - "Log viewable by " field does not show users groups.


  • [MYAA-336] - As an administrator, When I install Minyaa, I want the Delay in Days allowing Worklog Updates to have a default value that doesn't impose a time constraint.
  • [MYAA-446] - As Minyaa User, I want be able to have a Starter License for JIRA 3.x.
  • [MYAA-452] - As User, I want see some field of current Issue to be propagate to linked issue
  • [MYAA-455] - As User, I want be able, for Worklog Reports, to filter Workers depending on their group membership.
  • [MYAA-457] - As User, I want see simplified how Sub Tasks are displayed in Workload Reports
  • [MYAA-458] - As User, I want to be able to select AbstractMultiCFType (Group, User, ...) as Agregation criteria


  • [MYAA-383] - Move relative dates definition from kaam-209 to minyaa documentation site
  • [MYAA-460] - Licenses Review for License distribution