Release Notes - JIRA Minyaa Suite Plugins - Version 1.4


  • [MYAA-202] - The Date reached condition should not accept a value of Null or Zero
  • [MYAA-210] - Corr. I18n Resource in ReportId description should be replaced by Worker
  • [MYAA-387] - I18n Key for Value Generator for Project and Categories changed with JIRA 4.0
  • [MYAA-388] - Time Settings for "Allow report on CustomField" are tooken in account only after JIRA Restart
  • [MYAA-399] - Conflict between GreenHopper and Minyaa
  • [MYAA-400] - StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when Background Start and End Colors are not initialized in Settings.
  • [MYAA-411] - Transparent Worklog Entry Dialog under IE 8.0
  • [MYAA-413] - Page ViewWorklogTypes is reacheable by non admin. users by remove /secure/ path
  • [MYAA-420] - In the Reached date condition, saving without a custom field throws an java.lang.IllegalArgumentException
  • [MYAA-428] - NPE occurs when viewing Comment Tab Panel of an Issue that have been just transfered to a new created Wofkflow
  • [MYAA-432] - ExtendedPermission Validator fails with Exception with JIRA 3.12.3
  • [MYAA-433] - When a Global Action is created, it does not reference Workflow descriptor until the next Startup
  • [MYAA-434] - Some replacements fails with JIRA 3.12 (JVM 1.4)
  • [MYAA-439] - Workers field is not populated when the Worklogs are filed using Worklogger Field available in the Transition Screens


  • [MYAA-180] - As an administrator, I want to know if my license is invalid or uninstalled.
  • [MYAA-244] - As Kaamelot User, I want be able to import my Old Database (Kaamelot data included) into a new JIRA instance (also database) with a non-trial license
  • [MYAA-306] - As a Jira Administrator, I want Minyaa to work with older JIRA releases, in order to benefit from Minyaa enhancements
  • [MYAA-379] - As a user, I want to be able to search the documentation site in order to find relevant information faster
  • [MYAA-397] - as a trial user, when i signup for a trial, i want the downloaded archive to contains the plugins for my current jira version
  • [MYAA-402] - As Minyaa Administrator, I want see all Settings validated
  • [MYAA-419] - As JIRA Administrator, I want to force the Inheritance of Custom Fields Value from Parent Issue to Sub-Task Issue on Sub-Task edit
  • [MYAA-427] - As JIRA Administrator, I want be able to allow Timetracking viewing depending on Screen definition
  • [MYAA-436] - As product owner, I want to block usage of n Trial on the same installation


  • [MYAA-182] - In fastworklog portlet configuration screen, change "Reversed order" to "order" with the options "ascending" and "descending.
  • [MYAA-372] - Revise documentation for Minyaa Core
  • [MYAA-386] - Prepare presentation for atlascamp
  • [MYAA-403] - Revise documentation for Minyaa Time

Technical Debt

  • [MYAA-431] - Remove Code Intrusion for WorkflowManager. ExtendedWorkflowManager replaced by MinyaaWorkflowManager