Release Notes - JIRA Minyaa Suite Plugins - Version


  • [MYAA-2] - As a client, i want to be able to evaluate minyaa in an hsqldb database.
  • [MYAA-44] - As User, I need to identify my Current Work and All my Work
  • [MYAA-80] - As User, I want have Edit Operation conditionned by Workflow Step
  • [MYAA-86] - As a system, i block my non-deactivatable components when the license is expired
  • [MYAA-194] - As a user, I want an about page for each minyaa module
  • [MYAA-205] - As Academic or Open-Source JIRA User, I want to benefit from dedicated Licenses


  • [MYAA-64] - In the logwork popup, the "new remaining estimate" radio button is not automatically selected when a new estimate is entered in the corresponding textbox.
  • [MYAA-79] - in the report configuration screen, the ID combobox should be labaled as a key instead of an id.
  • [MYAA-81] - Worklog no more editable due to isWorkable() not implemented in ExtendedUpddateWorklog! Perhaps, hasPermissionToUpdate need to be overidden in ExtendedWorklogService
  • [MYAA-107] - Build is broken for minyaa-site
  • [MYAA-139] - When the license is not valid, the license page shows the uninstall button even though nothing is installed
  • [MYAA-159] - On ManagePluginLicense page, when license is invalid/unregistered, a NullPointerException is shown in the log.
  • [MYAA-166] - Translation Tag do not success due to Translation Preffx misformed
  • [MYAA-167] - In the create linked issue screen, if you enter an issue key using lower-case characters, a stacktrace is shown
  • [MYAA-168] - In the create linked issue screen, if you enter an issue key that does not exist, there is a stacktrace
  • [MYAA-170] - Translation Constant fail if a non supported Locale is used
  • [MYAA-171] - User Groups Picker failed on User selection due to API change in JIRA
  • [MYAA-172] - ReportElement for Priority is misformed (due to copy/paste from IssueType) and there is no associated Translator
  • [MYAA-173] - RegExp Validation failed when Old Value was valid and new Value is null and not valid
  • [MYAA-174] - Add Notifiable Update Jelly Tag failed due to unvalidated Project parameter
  • [MYAA-177] - Cant delete worklog through portlet on unix
  • [MYAA-186] - In the permission validator, minyaa's permissions i18n keys are not replaced by the text
  • [MYAA-192] - Active and Inactive conditions do not respect their configuration for values lower than 1d
  • [MYAA-201] - Stacktrace when viewing an issue in issue navigator that has a AvailableAction customField and a DateReached Condition in the workflow.
  • [MYAA-203] - The "Propagate affected versions to sub-tasks" post-function actually propagates the fix versions instead of the affected versions
  • [MYAA-204] - RelativeDatetools does not support more than 1 digit: +1d is ok +10d fails
  • [MYAA-243] - Exception occurs on ViewWorklogTypes action