Project Configuration Factories

With JIRA, you are able to configure your project (associated constants or schemes) using the Administration pages.

Some of them are reachable by Remote APIs or by Jelly Tags, but not all.

Also, sometime in a plugin, we need to apply some configuration.

To do that, Minyaa introduces a set of Factories used to build internally, some configuration in JIRA, dependig a Model Descriptor.

Available Factories are :

  • Constant Factory creates Issues Constant (Priorities, Issue Type, Resolution, Status and also Worklog Type) and applies Constant Translations,

  • Customfields Factory can create a Customfield and configure a Configuration Context,

  • Workflows Factory allows to create Workflow Scheme with Workflows. Workflows are created from XML Workflow Descriptors with Status identified by their name ...,

  • Field Layout Factory has the responsibility to create different FieldConfig and FieldConfig Scheme,

  • Screen Factory has the responsibility to create Screen depending on basic Issue Operations or Workflows Transition and organize fields in panels,

  • Notifications Factory is able to create new Event Type and to define Notification Scheme,

  • Permissions Factory has the responsibility to create Permission Schemes for Group and Project Role using Default and Custom Permissions,

  • Security Factory for Securities Scheme,

  • IssueType Factory for Issue Type Scheme,

  • Scheme Config Factory will use all above factories to create different scheme depending on the Model Descriptor,

  • Project Scheme Factory has the responsibility to create a Project using all Scheme previously created following the Model Descriptor.

All these factories are influenced by the ModelDescriptor that will be provided to the FactoriesBuilder.

N.B.: These factorie are used to configure the Timesheet Management

How it works ?

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How to define your Model Descriptor?

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