Link Schemes

It is based on a Generic Schemes Management

The Link Scheme provides new settings for Projects.

Link Schemes - Objectives

It allows to define : with which other Issue Type, an Issue can be linked.

This scheme stores the possible Outward Links between Issue Type.

The first implementation do not apply control on created Issue Link.

In a future release, we can imagine to extend IssueLinkManager in order to apply some control.

Link Schemes - Definition

A new menu is available in Schemes menu section ...

Link Scheme Menu

You can make a copy of an existing one..

View Link Scheme

Or add a new Link Scheme ...

Add Link Scheme

Name and Description of created Schemes are editable ...

Edit Link Scheme

For each Link Scheme, you are able to define ...

  • Outward or Inward Linkbetween Issue Type Link...
  • An Issue Filter used to search candidate issues
Edit Link Scheme

Currently, there is no control concerning the Issue Type.

All issues types are provided, even they are not available in projet which will be associated to this Link Scheme.