Workflow Desginer in details

Workflow Desginer gives the largest are to the display of your Workflow.

It is organised around following items

  • Command Bar to Open or Create Workflow, and Hide or Show Panels
  • Graphic area where is displayed the Workflow
  • 3 Tool's Panels allowing to
    • Add Step and Global Transitions
    • Manage Workflow Layout
    • Manage Visibility of Worklow Items
Workflow Designer Presentation

Workflow Command Bar

Create new Workflow

From the Command Bar, you can open any Workflow (Active, Read-Only or Draft Workflows) or Create new Workflow ...

Hide or Show differents Panels :
  • Add Workflow Elements Panel
  • Manage Layout Panel
  • Edge Panel
  • Legend

Add Workflow Elements Panel

Workflow Create new Step

From Add Workflow Elements Panel, you can add new Step in your Workflow. or add a new Global Transition :
  • Normal Global Transition with Recursive settings
  • Special Global Edit Transition with properties which gives the ability to associated the Edit Operation to a Transition.

    See details in Issue Validations section.

Manage Layout Panel

The Manage Layout Panel provides :
  • A way to change the Zoom ratio in order to have a better view of bigger Workflows. This Zoom ratio can be also changed with Mouse Wheel.
  • A way to change the Repulsion Factor : When you open a Workflow for the first time, the Workflow Designer try to optimise the position of each Workflow Elements.

    The current algorithm is based on a Repulsion factor combinated and the overlap of Workflow Elements.
  • The ability to save current Worklow Layout. This Worklow Layout will reused on next Workflow Open.

    It is possible also to activate a Auto-Save (each 5 sec.). It can be useful when you create your Workflow, because some action may need the reload of the Workflow.

Edge Panel

The Edge Panel is just a list of settings that can be activated in order to :
  • Show or hide links From Global Transitions. Each Step has link from Recursive Global Transition.
  • Show or hide links To Global Transitions. Each Step is linked to any Global Transition. It may be practice to see only useful links!
  • Other options will be available in future releases :
    • Highlight Steps : Steps will be highlighted and Transition 'lowlighted'
    • Highlight Nominal : Normal Scenarii (normal transition from Initial Step to Final Step) will be highlighted
    • ...

Legend Panel

The Legend Panel shows all graphicla items (Workflow Elements and Icon) available in Workflow Designer.

Workflow Legend Panel