Upgrade Tasks for Minyaa 2.0

For older release see Upgrade to Minyaa 1.9

You do not have to perform these tasks manually, Minyaa does it for you.

Gadgets Migration

This release comes WITHOUT a automatic migration of Portlets to Gadgets !

Workflows Upgrade Task 002

  • Class Name :com.minyaa.upgrade.tasks.MinyaaWorkflowsUpgradeTask_002
  • Objectives :Apply default colors for Workflow Desginer
  • Executed by UpgradeManager:Yes
  • Is repeatable:Yes
  • Usage is :

    <JiraJelly xmlns:minyaa="jelly:com.atlassian.jira.jelly.MinyaaTagLib">
    	<minyaa:Upgrade upgradeClass="com.minyaa.upgrade.tasks.MinyaaWorkflowsUpgradeTask_002"/>