Fire IssueEvent by Name

What is it?

The problem you need to solve:

When defining a Workflow using XML or on a Test environment, the id. of the event to fire are not always known ...

  • It is not yet created when the Workflow is design (Case of Timesheet Management)
  • It has not the same Id. between 2 environments.
How Minyaa solves this problem: Minyaa allows you to define by name the event that needs to be fired.

How it works

The Fire IssueEvent by Name Workflow Function requests to an extension of the EventTypeManager, the Event Type Id. using the Name ...

The Bonus :

In order to extend capacities of the Mail Template Manager, when the event is fired, additionals parameters are injected, useable by Mail Templates, provided by plugins.

Edit and View Parameters

Currently, there is no Workflow Function Factory allowing to edit this Function thrgough the user interface.

A such function has to be designed directly through XML.

To follow ...

The supported parameters are

Parameter Description The Workflow Function class name : com.atlassian.jira.workflow.function.event.FireIssueEventNameFunction
eventTypeName or eventTypeId Identification of Event to fire bys its name or id
sharedParams List of Parameter issued from Transition context, that have to be injected in Event parameters.

In case of event provided by plugin, the function is able to inject a I18nBean object, to be used by Mail Template.

This I18nBean object is built using I18n Bundle defined in Meta-Attribute of the Workflow, starting with minyaa.i18n. prefix.

XML Declaration

The Post-Function configuration may be done in XML in Workflow descriptor as follow :

<function type="class">
	<arg name="">com.atlassian.jira.workflow.function.event.FireIssueEventNameFunction</arg>
	<arg name="eventTypeName">Timesheet Validated</arg>
	<arg name="sharedParams">worklogIds</arg>