Transition Flagged Transitions Post-Function

What is it?

The problem you need to solve: Be able to intiate a reserved transition of the current issue.

How Minyaa solves this problem: A Workflow Post-Function able to identified candidate Transitions of the current issue depending on a Flag and init the first one.

How it works

You have to use this Post-Function in combination with the Flag Condtion.

You may add the Flag Condtion to the candidate Transition. Also the Transition will be reserved, and only the Post-Function will be allowed to perform the transition.

The Post-Function will be able to identify all these candidate transitions and will perform the first valid one .

Configuring the Feature

To configure this Workflow Post-Function, follow these steps :

  1. Add the Transition Flagged Transition Post-function to any wanted transition, that will be Initiator of the first valid Transition of the issue.

    For more information on adding a Post Function in Workflow, please see JIRA: Adding a Post Function Adding a Transition Subtasks Post-Function

  2. Its configuration allows you to specify ...

    • A Flag that may be required if the Auto-Transition to perform is conditioned by a Flag Condition

    Transition Subtasks Post-Function

  3. When added, the Post-Function should be among the latest defined Post-Functions (its weight is set to 9999).

  4. You will end up with a transition looking like:

    Transition Subtasks Post-Function

    And the XML Declaration as follow :

    <post-function >
    	<function type="class">
        	<arg name="">com.minyaa.workflow.function.TransitionFlaggedTransitionsFunction</arg>
        	<arg name="flagproperty">AutoCandidate</arg>

  5. Then, you will have to mark these Transitions as candidate for Auto-Transition.

    To do that, add the Flag (here AutoCandidate) as Property in the Transition with True as value. The XML Declaration will be as follow :

    <action id="900" name="Auto-Close Issue" >
    	<meta name="AutoCandidate">true</meta>