Model Management

In order to extend Database Model, Minyaa introduces an Abstract Model Manager.

Its allows a plugin to extend Database Model by creating its own Model Manager.

Before Minyaa 2.2, extension was done by modifying directly the OFBiz files !

This previous solution had many constraints :

  • Restart after Minyaa installation,
  • Risk of incoherence if the installation was stopped before the end,
  • Need to force a stop on Trial License expiration (this point should be resolved with 2.3 or over)
Atlassian is providing a new solution to extend Database : AO Plugin. But it is reserved to Plugin V2 and comes with some other constraints.

With Minyaa, we choose to provide a way to extend Database Model, availalable for Plugin V1, and allowing to use JIRA entities in queries based on the new added entities.

How it is working ?

Each plugin defines its Database Model Extension as resouces, and Minyaa accesses to OFBiz APIs to append the provided configurations

To extend Database Model, a Plugin has to extend its own Model Manager. See How to built your own Model Manager

Existing Model Manager

Minyaa already uses Model Managers :

Provider Details
com.minyaa.model.MinyaaCoreModelManager Database Model Extension for Minyaa Core
com.minyaa.model.MinyaaTimeModelManager Database Model Extension for Minyaa Time
com.minyaa.model.MinyaaSpreadModelManager Database Model Extension for Minyaa Spread