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JIRA and Workflows

JIRA uses for its Workflow Management, the OSWorkflow library provided by OpenSymphony.

OSWorkflow provides many mechanisms to define a Workflow, using different concepts : Steps, Status, Action, Conditions, Validators , Post-function. Most of them are used and well described in JIRA Documentation.

If you take time to read OSWorkflow Documentation, you will discover that JIRA provides for Workflow design a part of capacities of this library. When you need to do more, you need to go to in the XML of OSWorkflow !

JIRA Community and Workflows

JIRA Community has made different contributions to go beyond JIRA in the Workflow design :

Workflow Concepts

Minyaa Workflow Designer tries to hightlight different existing concepts : Some of them are not yet implemented, futures release will correct this state.

A new way to design your Workflows

Now, Minyaa will try to provide a way to define these typical features through a friendly Workflow Designer based on Flex.