Minyaa Licenses Management

Minyaa provides a generic License Management mechanism used to drive the installation and the activation of different Minyaa's 'edition.

License Management by Minyaa's Editions

Until Minyaa 2.5.1, Minyaa was managing the activation of its plugins through a unique License, defining the list of allowed plugins.

Since Minyaa 3.0, Minyaa's plugins are organised in Editions. It allows now to acquire only some of provided editions licenseed with separate Licenses.

Each Minyaa Edition is managed under a dedicated License. You will have

You will be able to register Licenses for 2 different Minyaa's Editions. By example, if you have already a Commercial License for Minyaa Time, then you will be able to register a Trial license for any other Edition. Each Minyaa's Edition is able to activate a predefined list of Plugins. In case of Minyaa Suite Edition, the managed plugins will be the agregation of all present Minyaa plugins. The Minyaa Suite Edition will see its plugins allowed depending the list of plugin defined inside the license.

License Management for your Plugin

We hope to be able to proivde a easy way for developers to use this License Managenent for they own plugin ...