Minyaa Boot Plugin

Minyaa Boot is provided with all editions of Minyaa Plugins.

Minyaa Boot is required for all Minyaa Plugins, since it provides features for Installation :

License Management

The License Management is driving the activation of allowed Minyaa. If a Minyaa Plugin is not activated by the License Management, the associated feature, installation and upgrade are not applied.

Database Model Management

Minyaa requires some new entity in the Database Model of JIRA.

To allow that a Database Model Management is provided to allow each Minyaa Plugin to define which entities have to be added.

Installation Management

The Installation Management allows Minyaa plugin to specify change to apply in JIRA original files.

Upgrade Management

The Upgrade Management allows Minyaa plugin to drive upgrade requirements.

Settings Management

The Settings Management allows plugins (not only Minyaa plugins) to manage their settings.