Minyaa Tools Plugin

Minyaa Tools provides basis features, which have no direct link with others Minyaa modules, like ...

A Notifiable Update mechanism

It may be useful to know what are the more recently modified issues. JIRA provides the Update Date for that, but all modifications cause its update.

Here, the idea is to identify for which field, a Update date deserve to be modified.

An Issue Export Service

Default Backup Service is useful to export all Issue for Backup !. An more sophisticated Exporter may be implemented ... Try the Issue Export Service and its ExportManagers.

An Issue Import Managers

Minyaa Tools provides also an Abstract Import Manager runnable by Jelly Tag.

Implements your ImportManager ...

A RegExp based Customfield

A quick way to implement a Client-Side validation using RegExp libraries.

User Pickers

The ability to pick a user depending his group or role membership .

Jelly Tags

Minyaa Tools appends also an other set of new Jelly Tags ...

Notification Type Extension

The default Notification Type is configured by the notification-event-types.xml.

Minyaa Tools provides an Extension able to append your Notification Type without modifying the notification-event-types.xml.

Road Map

You may know what is the Minyaa Tools's RoadMap at ...