Minyaa Reports Plugin

Minyaa Reports provides a new solution to share pre-configured reports, providing a new Project Scheme based on the Minyaa Plugin Scheme mechanism.

To benefit this features, just process into 3 steps :

  • Catch the configuration of your reports,
  • Configure a set of Report Schemes
  • Access to your predefined reports

Capturing Report Configurations

To be able to define quickly your Report Scheme, a mechanism is appended to any JIRA Reports, allowing you to save your own Report Configurations in the Default Reports Scheme.

Configuring Reports Schemes

All captured Report Configurations will have to be copied from the Default Reports Scheme to any others of your own Reports Schemes.

To share correctly you Report Configurations with your colleagues, it will be needed to contextualize each Report Configurations in order to make them based on the execution context.

See how to configure Reports Scheme in order to define different set of pre-configured reports, and then, associate each of your projects to one of these schemes.

Using shared Report Configurations

Predefined Reports can (will) be used from different pages of JIRA ...

  • In the Reports Project Tab Panel of the Project View,
  • (Future releases) In new Gadget, similar as the Fragment Gadget,
  • (Future releases)As a Menu in the Issue View,