Worklog Status

Due to Timesheet Management, Minyaa introduces the Worklog Status.

What is it?

The problem you need to solve: You want to be able to manage Timesheet Workflow at smallest level.

How Minyaa solves this problem: Minyaa introduces the concept of Worklog Status, allowing you to apply a status to Worklog.

How it Works?

Each time a Worklog is create or modified (Log Work operation), the Worklog Status is initiated.

After, the Timesheet Management will interact with these Worklog Statuses, through the transition of the Timesheet Workflow.

Where Is It Available?

Worklog Status are available in the following places :

  • Fast Worklog Gadget :

    Worklog Status in Fast Worklog Gadget
  • Timesheet Gadget :

    Worklog Status in Timesheet Gadget
  • Worklog Reports :

    For more information about worklog reports, please take a look at Minyaa Time's Worklog Reports Worklog Status in Worklog Reports

Configuring Worklog Statuses

With current release, Worklog Statuses are hard-coded and not yet configurables.

Available Worklog Statuses are :
  • Created Created : Default status applied as soon as a Worklog is created or modified,

  • To review To validate : Status reached when the Worklog is submitted or re-submited by the Timesheet Owner (Reporter) through the submit of the Timesheet or a re-submit of a set of Worklogs,

  • To validate To review : Status reached when the Timesheet Approver requests a revision of a set of Worklog,

  • Validated Validated : Status reached when the Timesheet Approver approves the logged Work.