What is it?

The problem you need to solve: You want to log work on an issue, but you want to specify on what kind of activity

How Minyaa solves this problem: Minyaa provides the concept of Worklog Types, allowing you to assign a category to your worklogs. e.g. analysis, development, testing

How it Works

Minyaa allows you to categorize your worklogs using a concept named Worklog Types.

When you log work, in the Fast Worklog Portlet or in the Log Work Page, you can specify the type of your worklog.

When this is done, you can do reporting on your worklogs to find how time was spent.

Where Is It Available?

Once your worklog types are configured, they are available in the following places:

JIRA's Default Log Work Page:

WorklogType in JIRA's Log Work page

FastWorklog Portlets:

WorklogType in FastWorklog portlet

Worklog Reports:

For more information about worklog reports, please take a look at Minyaa Time's Worklog Reports

Worklog Types in Worklog Reports

Configuring Worklog Types

You can find the Worklog Types configuration menu in JIRA's administration menu:

Administration Menu for Worklog Types

You can add your own Worklog Types like any Issue Constant :


Some default icons are availables :

Parameter Description
Name The default name in english of the Worklog Type.

This name will be used when no translation is available.
Description The default description in english of the worklog type.

This description will be used when no translation is available.
Assumed as default for The Worklog Type is assumed as default for the mentioned Project Role.
Icon Path to the icon relative to JIRA's appplication path.

This icon is used for report generation.
Color A color reprenting the worklog type

This color is used for report generation.
Order This parameter changes the order in which worklog types will appear in the FastWorklog Portlet and in JIRA's Log Work page

Translating Worklog Types

In the worklog type administration menu, you can translate worklog types.

Translate Worklog Types