Release Notes - JIRA Minyaa Suite Plugins - Version 1.6


  • [MYAA-464] - As Administrator, after a Minyaa uninstallation, I want see the restore JSP file recompiled.
  • [MYAA-503] - As User, I want see some of Issue Field as columns of Transition Statistic Reports


  • [MYAA-288] - When time is enabled the Minyaa Work Log and Portlet page does not provide Unchanged estimate Radio
  • [MYAA-289] - When timeTracking is disabled the FastWorklogPortlets should not be available
  • [MYAA-301] - In AutoTransitionService, the provided values for Filter, Project and Category have None value in 1st position
  • [MYAA-471] - When a user doesn't complete all fields during a transition the Minyaa fields get blank
  • [MYAA-368] - In the autotransition service, the project filtering doesn't work
  • [MYAA-505] - GenericDataSourceException in LinkScheme creation
  • [MYAA-507] - CreateAndLink operation fails with IllegalArgumentException under JIRA 4.0 due to I18n missing resources