Release Notes - JIRA Minyaa Suite Plugins - Version 2.4.3


  • [MYAA-612] - As User with EDIT_WORKLOG_TEAM_MEMBER, I want be able to update Worklog Author
  • [MYAA-905] - Inherit Post-Function must be executed for an already created issue
  • [MYAA-914] - Timesheet Management uses the 1st found Administrator to create Issue. For an unknow reason, userUtil.getAdministrators() return a non administrator account. A check has to be done.


  • [MYAA-761] - BROWSE SUBTASK Permission seems to be broken for JIRA 4.1.x
  • [MYAA-847] - Difficulty getting report in Excel view
  • [MYAA-906] - User Group Picker PopUp does not work
  • [MYAA-907] - Timesheet configuration is not fully available without a restart of JIRA. (due to a cache side effect)
  • [MYAA-908] - In Timesheet Gadget, Icon on action is not visible for JIRA 4.0.x
  • [MYAA-910] - Worklog type not updating when entering time in workflow step
  • [MYAA-912] - Minyaa Workflow Designer not working in conjunction with the new Jira Workflow Designer
  • [MYAA-913] - Filter used User Group Picker mis-filters 2nd group and over

Support Request

  • [MYAA-895] - "Undefined Type" option when entering a new log item


  • [MYAA-915] - I18n Factorisation Part 1