Release Notes - JIRA Minyaa Suite Plugins - Version 2.3


  • [MYAA-812] - Timesheet Autotransition Service is mis-configured
  • [MYAA-814] - In the enhanced worklog dialog the cancel button has not the right context
  • [MYAA-824] - In FastWorklog Gadget, the Update call (Increment of time) fails due to NPE
  • [MYAA-830] - Minyaa User migration to JIRA 4.1 and over from previous JIRA release do not have Delete Issue Operation back to enabled
  • [MYAA-836] - Auto Transition Service may start before end of Minyaa Setup and then fails in error.
  • [MYAA-839] - When create status by Workflow Designer, it shows "Failed to reach Jira Server". (JIRA 3.13 to 3.13.4)


  • [MYAA-832] - Difficult workflow for adding a new Worklog Type due to required icon path


  • [MYAA-821] - As user, I want be able to specify more Issues field in Workload report, and not only workers.