Release Notes - JIRA Minyaa Suite Plugins - Version 2.5




  • [MYAA-771] - Excel Export file name for Minyaa Workload Report need to be applied with .xls instead of .jspa


  • [MYAA-901] - On extended Log Work Page and Worklogger Customfield, the auto-suggest is not performed
  • [MYAA-911] - Auto-Suggest in User Group Picker uses the default Auto-Suggest of User Picker (JIRA 4.+) and not its own based on selected group
  • [MYAA-918] - Workflow Designer required Minyaa Workflow JAR, when used alone
  • [MYAA-919] - WorklowDesigner Edition is ignored by License Manager when combinated with Time Edition
  • [MYAA-930] - Time Spent Tab is broken due to Cookies values escaped by Atlassian Cookies Storage procedure
  • [MYAA-936] - Provided Notification Type Manager is no more used by MailListener
  • [MYAA-937] - Start of GreenHopper break load of TimesheetWorklogEventListener
  • [MYAA-938] - Timesheet Gadget Actions broken with JIRA 4.3