Release Notes - JIRA Minyaa Suite Plugins - Version 1.7


  • [MYAA-502] - As User, I want be able to use my License on Test environement
  • [MYAA-528] - As Trial User, I doesn't want experienced an automatic uninstallation, when my license expires.


  • [MYAA-516] - Time spent not in chronological order
  • [MYAA-521] - Worklogger Customfield rendering fails with an error around CommentVisibility control and Date Picker does not work
  • [MYAA-525] - problem in worklogger
  • [MYAA-526] - Usage of InheritCustomFieldFromParentFunction during a Create transtion has no effect
  • [MYAA-529] - GenericDataSourceException on EntityScheme deletion similar as MYAA-505