Release Notes - JIRA Minyaa Suite Plugins - Version 2.4.1


  • [MYAA-767] - Link Scheme - Browsing issue doesn´t take into account user Security Level
  • [MYAA-874] - Selected Comment Level for Worklog is not retrieved on Update in Extended Log Work page
  • [MYAA-877] - License failure in case of Edition Upgrade
  • [MYAA-878] - Minyaa Menu Section appears 2 times
  • [MYAA-879] - NullPointerException occurs in Timesheet Service when a Worklog Update is done for a Project not configured for Timesheet Management
  • [MYAA-880] - NPE in Fibonnacci Validator whe NumberField is not valued and not defined in Transition Screen
  • [MYAA-881] - Link Menus for "Create and Link" are inconsistent with JIRA 3.13.x to 4.0.x