Release Notes - JIRA Minyaa Suite Plugins - Version 2.4


  • [MYAA-822] - As Administrator, I want to uninstall/upgrade Minyaa more easily
  • [MYAA-868] - I want be able to Directional Link (Inward or Outward) for Propagate Custom Fields to Linked Issue


  • [MYAA-735] - I want be able to apply a limit for Fibonnacci Validator
  • [MYAA-799] - Workflow Designer does not preserve layout for Copy or Draft workflows.
  • [MYAA-864] - Be able to perform Fibonacci Validation on any number

Support Request and Bug

  • [MYAA-849] - Error in templates/plugins/portlets/issuesummaryfastworklog.vm
  • [MYAA-539] - DateReachedCondition is not translated in all provided languages
  • [MYAA-540] - DateReachedCondition does allow condition only for CustomField. Due date should be available !
  • [MYAA-617] - Unable to close a ticket if a WorklogCFType field is mandatory on Workflow transition and user has no permission to log work
  • [MYAA-813] - MissingResourceException : Can't find bundle for base name I18nTimesheetScheme, locale en_US
  • [MYAA-841] - Worklog Custom Field does to take care about Required/Optional option from FieldConfiguration
  • [MYAA-844] - The "Statistic On Transtions Report" occurred error wile selected "yes" in "Display Column Filter" option.
  • [MYAA-848] - Minyaa units not appearing as selected in generated reports
  • [MYAA-851] - For the "Show Worklog" permission, TimeTracking field should not be to required in any Screen to allow the visibility of Timetracking Summary in View Screen
  • [MYAA-854] - Delegate Log Work fails with JIRA 4.2
  • [MYAA-858] - Worklog Type is not updated if I change it and make any other changes to an issue
  • [MYAA-860] - The navigation Next / Previous in Timesheet Gadget gets wrong actions.
  • [MYAA-862] - Worklog Type not saving
  • [MYAA-863] - When I use the "Workflow Validator for Estimates" I am getting the below exception.
  • [MYAA-866] - For JIRA 3.13.x, the Worklogger Customfield does not stored WorklogType due to typo error (case sensitivity) in Velocity Template


  • [MYAA-654] - Check undocumented Validator and without UI Validators
  • [MYAA-840] - License Generated needs to be reviewed
  • [MYAA-852] - Link to Matrix download documentation page is not easy to find !
  • [MYAA-869] - Documentation Release