Minyaa's License Management

Minyaa provides License's Management screen for its plugins, where you are able to update Minyaa Edition's License.

For each Minyaa Edition, you will able to access for following tasks

  • Register the provided Minyaa License Key when it has not been copied in WEB-INF/lib folder ...
  • Register a new Minyaa License Key for migrating License restriction (new Users Limit, new Minyaa Edition)...
  • Uninstall Minyaa Plugins before upgrading with a new Minyaa release ...
  • Update License with any new License Key ...
  • Install Minyaa Plugins after a Minyaa License registration ...

License Key Registration

As soon as you have a Non-Trial License Key to register, you will have to use this screen to register your licenses. You will need to register/install the provided license : Trial License or other Commercial License.

Licenses Summary by Edition

Go to Minyaa Plugins License screen (Minyaa Section Administrative Menu, Licenses menu item). All available Minyaa Editions will be displayed in this screen, organised in Tabs, with their state.

Minyaa License Summary

Register Minyaa Edition License

By selecting a Tab, you will see, for each Minyaa Edition, the status of plugins managed by this Edition.
  • To register a License, click on Register License,

    Minyaa Unlicensed Edition

  • Select the License Key file you received or downloaded from Minyaa Site and click on Register license,

    You will have to use the a valid license related to :

    • The JIRA License Type (Commercial, Academic, Open Source)
    • The Usage count
    • And the Minyaa Edition

  • As soon as the License is registered, you will be able to see the state of each plugin managed by the Edition. ...

    Minyaa Licensed Edition Not Installed

    Minyaa's Plugins allowed by the registered License are displayed with their status :
    • Missing : the plugin is allowed by the license, but not available,
    • Disabled : the plugin is disabled (Plugin State in JIRA),
    • Installation required : the plugin is available but requires some installation,
    • No Installation required : the plugin is enabled and does not required installation (No JIRA file to add or requiring patch).
    • Installed and ready for use : the plugin is enabled and installation has been done.

    Even after a License registration, the installation may have not been initiated ...

Install Minyaa Edition License

If the link Install plugins is available, then you have to finalize the installation,
  • By clicking on Install plugins link. Minyaa Licensed Edition Not Installed

  • At this step, Minyaa starts to perform the installation of all needed files,
  • At the end of installation, Minyaa inits a refresh of JIRA Plugin System. It should take the same time as JIRA Start,
  • During installation, if you try to access to other pages in JIRA, you may be redirected to JIRA Access Constraints page with message concerning the installation ...

    Minyaa Installation in progress

    or, meet a internal error ... It is normal, JIRA is internally restarted !

  • When the Minyaa Edition is fully installed, the link Install Plugin is disabled ..

    Minyaa Licensed Edition

  • Note that some Minyaa Editions may have no required installation, and the links Install plugins and Uninstall plugins will always disabled.

    Minyaa Licensed Edition

If you have purchased different Minyaa Editions, you may have more than one License key to register. The registration may be done in the same time, but the installation have to be done separately. Now, your Minyaa Edition is ready to perform installation for each Minyaa's plugin.

Minyaa Edition Unlicensed but partially available

Note that some plugins may be manageable by different Minyaa's Editions, and you can show a plugin enable in a non-licensed edition. Minyaa Unlicensed Edition Partially available

Minyaa Suite Edition

Minyaa Suite Edition is able to managed the aggregation of all plugins managed by others Minyaa Editions. Minyaa Suite Edition

Bu, since Minyaa 3.0, Licenses for Minyaa Suite Edition should be never provided. This Edition will exist only to allow Minyaa's users having an old Minyaa License.

By example, you have purchased a License for Minyaa Time, you will be able to register the License key in Minyaa Suite Edition's tab, but only plugins defined in the Minyaa Time license, will enabled. Minyaa Suite Edition (Old Licenses)