Roll Over Backup

What is it?

The problem you need to solve: You need to keep backups of your JIRA but you want to automatically remove the oldest ones to preserve disk space.

How Minyaa solves this problem: Minyaa provides a "Roll Over" backup service. Meaning that when a backup is made, the oldest backup or the backups that are older than a configured amount of days are automatically deleted.

How to add the service

Add the service using the following class: com.atlassian.jira.service.export.RollOverExportService

For more information on how to register a service, please take a look at JIRA's Services Documentation

Configuring the Service


You have access to the following parameters
Directory Name Absolute path to the directory in which you want to save your backups
Date Format This is the format that will determine the backup's file name

e.g. : yyyy-MM-DD-hh-mm-ss

  • y: Year
  • M: Month
  • D: Days
  • h: Hour
  • m: Minute
  • s: Second
Retention Mode How will the service determine what is an old backup

  • Days Nb. : Retention value will be calculated in days
  • Backup Nb. : Retention value will be calculated in backup count
Retention Value Depending on the "Retention Mode", this parameter determines the number of days or backups to keep
Backup As
  • zip
  • xml
Delay Length, in minutes , of the interval at which the service will run.

Removing the default service

Once you have configured the Roll Over Backup Service, you have to remove the default JIRA backup service.

If you don't remove it, it will keep on doing backups.

You will end up having two services that are doing backups at the same time.