Timesheet Notifications

Timesheet Management is defined with a default Notification Scheme.

Workflow for Timesheets

To allow such notification, Minyaa has implemented its own Notification Type Provider and Template Provider provided by Minyaa Core :

Timesheet Notification Type

Timesheet Management comes with a new Notification Type based on the Permission Approve Worklog. Workflow for Timesheets

Timesheet Events

Some event are added in the configuration and associated to new Mail Template. Workflow for Timesheets

Timesheet Mails

Following the configured Notification Scheme, each actor is notified by a mail where are displayed :

  • The reference of the Timesheet : Owner, Period and Status
  • The Workflow Transition which has raised the event
  • A list of link ot each Worklogs impacted by the transition
  • The associated comment
Workflow for Timesheets