Timesheet Project Roles

Timesheet Management works around 2 distinct roles : Timesheet Owner and Timesheet Approver.

These roles will define authority on Timesheet and how they are notified by mail.

Timesheet Owner

Timesheet Owner is any user allowed to log work in a project managed with Timesheet.

No special role is created. In the Issue representing the Timesheet in Minyaa Timesheet Project, a Timesheet Owner as the Reporter Role on the issue.

Timesheet Approver

Timesheet Approver is an explicit role created whe Timesheet Management is activated.

When the Minyaa Timesheet Project is created, the project role Timesheet Approver has to be granted to the Timesheet Approver Permission.

Each Timesheet Approver will have to be member of the Project Role Timesheet Approver for
  1. the technical project Minyaa Timesheet Project
  2. each project where he has to play the role
Timesheets Configuration