Release Notes - JIRA Minyaa Suite Plugins - Version 3.0


  • [MYAA-961] - Hide in Timesheet Gadget (as Approver), all Timesheet alread approved / AmĂ©lioration dans l'approbation des feuilles de temps - Pheromone


  • [MYAA-960] - As Administrator, I want be able to provide predefined Reports to my JIRA Users
  • [MYAA-969] - Review of Installation Procedure and Renew design to integrate new Minyaa Editions
  • [MYAA-971] - Minyaa Core Edition is now available, including Core, Tools, Spread and Project

Support Request

  • [MYAA-947] - Custom Field by Role fails to filter Project role on Create Issue (All Users are displayed)
  • [MYAA-956] - Worklog type not saved when creating issue


  • [MYAA-453] - Inconsistency installation may occurs if the Installation processus is stopped.
  • [MYAA-942] - Mail Notification on Create User in Group Management Tab fails due to missing param in Velocity Context
  • [MYAA-944] - In case of some mis-installation, the upgrade task are not executed, and requires a restart of JIRA.
  • [MYAA-946] - Copy Link Scheme fails with Exception
  • [MYAA-952] - Installation is not completed if BaseURL mismatches with reality
  • [MYAA-953] - Possible issue on Installation if some JIRA Services (GH, Subversion, ...) are declared and not available (Not confirmed)
  • [MYAA-959] - In Worklogger Customfield, the label is not associated to the Checkbox
  • [MYAA-964] - Many Velocity warnings when displaying Extended Worklog Issue Tab
  • [MYAA-965] - When entering a wrong formatted time spent in FastWorklog, a Permission Error is assumed instead of a Format Error
  • [MYAA-970] - Worker Criteria appears 2 times in Minyaa Reports